Lovense Max

Spring Break Lake Powell 4-S1:E4

Spring Break at Lake Powell is all about speedboat twerking, and lots of naughty Snaps. Haley Reed learns to steer a speedboat, while Damon Dice lies in her creamy fuckhole. Piper Perri, Kenzie Reeves and Damon Dice open their throats and spit out Bambino and Damon to their hearts’ delight when the group discovers a quiet cove. Damon lets Piper board for a ride and then lays down to make it even more fun. Bambino opens the door to reward him with a double blowjob. They continue with their antics, where the girls suck cock and gorge on each others’ twats. Meanwhile the guys try to impress their hyper horny hotties every chance they get. The antics continue at the campfire as Kenzie and Haley take Bambino on a ride. Haley puts her fuckhole on Bambino’s forehead, while Kenzie rides to the town in cowgirl fashion. After stroking him, the girls switch spots to allow Haley to get away while Kenzie takes in Bambino’s verbal ministrations. They are finally satisfied when the girls can curl up under Bambino and enjoy the cool evening air.

Lovense Max

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